Cooking Torch
Mini Blow Torch
MEMO:Model: CT-6000S Mini Blow Torch Mini blow torch. alum. torch body. 1. With a piezo trigger ignition. flame is adjustable in soft / pencil flame. 2. Safety adjustable anti-flare flame works in all angles. 3. Use butan gas refillable. shipment no gas. 4. Smart to operate and works at all angles. 5. Each piece 9857.4133.5mm (lxwxh). weight: 142.2g. fuel cap: 6.8g (=11.6ml). 6. Heating up to1000?c which is an essential tool for browning cheese on top of french soup or blackening peppers to remove their skins. 7. Continually around 20mins non-stop operation when big flame. 8. CE approved.